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Harvey demands answers from Aaron in EastEnders after shocking discovery

And when the police come knocking, will Harvey provide his son with an alibi?

When Dana wants to invite Bobby to lunch, Aaron tells her not to and when Dana asks her dad why Bobby can’t come, Harvey explains that he’s too soft to be around Aaron.

Overhearing, Bobby opens up to Iqra about Dana and his mental health. After Iqra advises her to play hardball with her family, Dana confronts Harvey and says if Bobby can't come to lunch, she won't come either! Agreeing, Harvey tells her that he'll speak to Aaron.

At lunch, it's awkward as everyone arrives and Aaron is annoyed to see that Bobby is there. Things get tense over lunch when Aaron questions Bobby about his religion. Prepared, Bobby responds well.

Something isn’t adding up for Harvey when Aaron insists on taking the bins out, he investigates and finds Aaron’s bloodied shirt.

When Harvey demands answers from Aaron, he tells his dad it was just a fight, but he lied to the police to say he was with him the night before. Harvey’s conflicted as Aaron ask him to be his alibi.

Later, the police appear at the cab office to ask Harvey questions about Aaron’s whereabouts the other night. Will Harvey provide his son with an alibi?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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