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Harvey finally comes between Dana and Bobby in EastEnders

Is their relationship strong enough to overcome this latest hurdle?

Bobby tells Peter he’s going to surprise Dana but Peter is annoyed as Dana and Bobby are taking time off work after what happened.

When Bobby and Dana have breakfast, Iqra reveals that the new mosque application has gone through to the next stage and Bobby gives Dana a gift and tells her he loves her.

Meanwhile, as Harvey continues to try and convince Dana to break up with Bobby, she still won't listen and finds a letter in Dana’s dressing gown and is not happy with what he sees. But when he confronts Dana over deferring university, she defends her choice.

After Harvey appeals to Bobby to try and get him to convince Dana to go to university, he reluctantly agrees, but it backfires horribly.

Begging Kat for more work, Harvey wants to raise some money so Dana can have the best start at university. Watching on, Dana is touched that he’s making an effort but later tells him she’s officially deferred Uni and she wants him to accept her decision.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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