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Holly is put in her place after asking Felix out on a date in Neighbours

But is JJ willing to protect Felix and keep his secret?


Unaware Felix is just as curious about JJ’s shock alibi announcement, Wendy and Andrew are keen to hear JJ explain himself.

As Felix goes along with the story, his connection with JJ grows and he later admits to Jools about having second thoughts about the robbery and hightailing out of Ramsay Street.

Later, with the alibi drama over, Felix enjoys the party and Holly’s attention as she gets her flirt on. Unaware of Jools’ presence, Holly asks Felix out on a date, but is met by an unimpressed, possessive Jools who puts Holly firmly back in her place.

As he struggles to decide whether to keep Felix’s secret regarding his planned robbery, JJ's decision is made even more difficult when Cara and Remi call a family meeting to discuss honesty, or JJ’s recent lack of.

Ultimately, he decides that they're both hypocrites and agrees to keep Felix’s secret.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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