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HOLLYOAKS Autumn 2018 Official Trailer

With plenty of familiar faces returning, plenty of drama and even a cameo from Rick Astley, Hollyoaks is shaping up to me unmissable this autumn!

Here's the official Autumn 2018 Hollyoaks trailer and all the talking points...

Sinead O’Connor Returns

In a first look, Sinead (played by Stephanie Davis) makes her return to Hollyoaks village after leaving years earlier when she discovered that Ste was having an affair with Harry. In the trailer she jumps into Sami’s car revealing she’s “got a wedding to ruin”.

Ste and Harry’s Wedding

A storm is brewing in the village as Ste and Harry prepare for their big day under the threat of James and unaware a vengeful Sinead is back. Is it likely their day will go ahead without a hitch?

Sienna Blake is Back

Sienna has been released from prison after being locked up for killing her daughter Nico in self-defence. She is back at home and professing to be a changed woman. Is it possible Sienna has turned over a new leaf?

Mandy and Darren’s Affair Revealed

After months of sneaking around Mandy and Darren’s affair is revealed as Nancy confronts Mandy, while Luke confronts Darren. There is drama in the village as slaps, punches are thrown and tears flow.

Cleo Special Episode

The trailer gives an exclusive look at a special single strand episode to air on World Mental Health Day (Wednesday 10th October). The episode will focus on Cleo McQueen’s ongoing battle with bulimia in the build-up to her wedding day to Joel.

Rick Astley Cameo

There is a sneak peek of Rick Astley’s cameo appearance as Kim comes face to face with the real-life version of him after she spent months trapped in her prison in the school.


Tony returns to the village after he left when Dee Dee’s illness got the better of him, The McQueen’s are the new owners of The Dog and the Romeo’s mum Donna Marie makes herself unwelcome.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6pm on Channel 4


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