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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Jesse's shocking discovery ruins his wedding day, Mitchell comes out + more

These scenes will air Monday 20th - Friday 24th January at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Jesse's shocking discovery ruins his wedding day

As the day of Courtney and Jesse’s wedding arrives, thoughts turn to Adam after Liam gifts Jesse their brother's cufflinks. Not wishing to bury another sibling, Jesse makes Liam and Grace promise that there'll be no more secrets and lies in their family.

When Grace convinces James to not go to the police, they make a pact to never speak of shooting Mercedes ever again, but after Jesse overhears he promises to surround Courtney and Iona with goodness and never let the darkness in during his vows.

With his big day over-shadowed by what he’s just found out, Jesse's announcement about his future with Courtney confuses her and the following day Courtney is surprised to find that Jesse hasn’t come to bed - and Leela orders Liam to find out where he is.


Mitchell comes out to Martine

As Azim and Scott arrange another date, Mitchell spots them kissing and accuses him of using Azim to make him jealous.

Back at home, Martine tries to help, but Mitchell takes his hurt out on her. When she asks him why he’s been so unhappy and begs him to tell her why he’s in so much pain, Mitchell finally comes out that he’s gay - and she tells him that life’s too short to not go for what you want.

Meanwhile, Scott and Azim decide to come clean to Mitchell about their relationship and later on in the week, Mitchell goes on a date with a man.


John Paul starts teaching at Hollyoaks High School

After stepping in to help Sally at the school, John Paul is happy to be back but things get awkward for James when he turns up to take Juliet for lunch and realises that her new teacher is ‘the famous John Paul’.

Later, as Donna Marie and Marnie clash over what’s best for Juliet, Juliet walks in to watch James hand over an envelope of cash to Donna Marie and questions what’s going on.


Damon offers to cheer Maxine up

Offering to treat Maxine to some lunch, Damon is determined to put a smile back on Maxine's face and after Liam breaks into her flat, he realises how much Maxine is struggling for money and gives her a loan - thinking of a way that he can use her to his advantage.

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