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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Luke tries to stop Ollie’s drinking

But will he be able to get through to him?

Having originally intended to burn the pictures of him that Buster took, Ollie throws them in the bin once Luke arrives. Luke is devastated when he finds the images and as the truth starts to dawn on him…how will he react to what he has discovered?

When Brody also sees the pictures, will he make the connection between Buster and Ollie?

As Imran heads to Ollie’s to offer some support, the boys silently plays video games, neither have much to say but Ollie appreciates the company.

As Ollie heads out for some air, Imran tracks him down and finds him swigging out of a wine bottle and he asks Imran to leave him alone.

But when Imran tells Luke, who manages to get through to his son, for now.

These scenes will air Monday 3rd to Friday 7th September at 6:30pm on Channel 4

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