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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Mitchell begs Scott to stay, Lisa is befriended by Toby and Diane has her doubts

These scenes will air Monday 3rd - Friday 7th February at 6.30pm on Channel 4

As Scott leaves for London, Mitchell begs him to stay

On the same night that Walter organises a date for Mitchell and Abigail - a girl from church - Anita Tinkle is performing at the Dog. But after getting drunk and coming on too strong, Mitchell scares Abigail away infuriating Walter.

Elsewhere, when Azim is offered a job in London, Scott agrees to leave with him. On hearing the news, Mitchell begs Scott for more time so that they can be together. Not wanting to wait anymore, Scott walks off hand in hand with Azim.

After Martine urges him to declare his true feelings for Scott before it's too late, Mitchell bumps into Courtney in Price Slice, who starts talking about how much she misses Jesse and the joy he brought to her life - which makes him think of Scott.

Racing to stop him, Mitchell finds Scott in Salon De Thé who asks him to kiss him in public as Celeste watches on.


Toby and Celeste befriend Lisa to get closer to the Deverauxs

After deciding to host a house warming party, Toby and Celeste invite their neighbours - including the Deverauxs - to find out their secrets.

And it's not long before they make their mark. When Romeo serves Celeste at Salon De Thé, he becomes besotted with her and Lisa makes a pass at Toby at the party - deciding to use her to get closer to the Deverauxs, Toby flirts back and as they go back to the Deveraux’s flat, he starts to ask about her upbringing.

Whilst Toby and Celeste confirm that they’re going to focus their attentions on the family’s weak link, Lisa, Celeste decides to make her own fun with Romeo. After asking him to help her fix the shower in her flat, she kisses him.


Diane has her doubts over her future with Tony

After Scott encourages Diane to organise a date night for her and Tony, she books tickets to the opera but is left disappointed after Tony asks Edward to take her instead.

With Diane annoyed that he accepted the invitation, Edward reassures her that he respects her decision to be with Tony. But as he orders Tony to start working on his marriage, Diane's frustration grows.

Later, Diane confides in Mandy who shares her own experiences with Tony. And after some encouragement from Edward, Diane returns home to a candlelit dinner cooked by Tony. But is the old Tony here to stay?



Leela is under fire from Marnie, Misbah and Mandy who all believe that Sid knows the person who stabbed Nancy. As Jordan hangs around at the school gates and sells drugs to Kyle again, Sid is worried that Jordan is getting too close to Juliet.

And whilst Liberty wants an update from Brody, she panics when Damon reveals that he hasn’t heard from him recently and reassures Liberty that Brody and Sienna haven’t forgotten about her and the baby.

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