HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Nancy and Darren argue

As they meet with the social worker to see if they can officially foster Brooke.

On Monday (24th September), determined to tell Luke about Mandy's plan to leave him, Nancy instead confronts Mandy and blames her for not noticing Ollie’s abuse. How will Mandy react?

As Nancy arrives late for the social worker, she is still shaken over her argument with Mandy, but the meeting goes well and they’re allowed to foster Brooke.

On Tuesday (25th September), Luke contemplates drinking again, leaving Ollie furious that he would betray him and break their pact. And Tom and Jack are left horrified when they find out that Darren has been having an affair.

As the day Luke has been dreading, his court day, arrives on Wednesday (26th September), he steals all the notes from the safe in The Hutch. Catching him, Darren tries to convince him to not make things worse, however Luke asks him to keep quiet for him.

Scott reluctantly agrees to defend Luke in court after Mandy's plea, but will it make any difference to Luke's sentencing?

Meanwhile Darren is hopeful that things could still work out for him and Nancy and plans a grand gesture for Nancy on Thursday (27th September).

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