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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Tension mounts between Jesse and Courtney

As her agreement with Glenn takes its toll.

Arriving at Price Slice, Simone finds it has been broken into and trashed and Glenn appears like a knight in shining armour offering to help fix the place up. He later reveals to Grace that it was him as he is trying to find a way to get Simone to agree to give him the funding for the school.

Zack’s efforts to try and warn Simone about Glenn fall on death ears as he later finds them in a compromising position on the sofa. Simone's left embarrassed when Zack tells her that he's still in love with Grace and they are still together.

When Jesse confronts Courtney about lying about her whereabouts the day before, she lies again telling him she had a hospital appointment and didn’t want to worry him, but really, she was finishing a job for Glenn.

As it turns out, Glenn recorded his encounter with Simone and is now using that to blackmail her into giving him the school funding. Grace is gutted to find out Glenn has slept with someone else. Maxine goes to comfort her when she sees how upset and lost she is.

Courtney and Jesse are rowing after he tells her that he feels he is being taken for granted and that Courtney is lucky to have him! Furious Courtney tells Jesse she hates him and leaves.

As Glenn and Jesse share a heart-warming moment, she thanks him for his encouragement to do the right thing by Courtney. This genuinely moves Glenn, and there is a moment of real emotion between the two.

Later, Glenn rips up the agreement between him and Courtney, she no longer owes him anything.

These scenes will air Monday 20th - Friday 24th August 2018 at 6:30pm


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