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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS The McQueens hit Magaluf

Watch out Magaluf... The McQueen's are arriving for Mercedes' hen do!

On Monday (13th August), we'll see the McQueen’s arrive in Magaluf as they are reunited with Mercedes as she finally reveals her mystery groom is Russ Owen.

Myra is furious and in a desperate attempt to placate her, Mercedes introduces her to her grandson Max...but it doesn’t help.

Myra plans with Goldie to get Mercedes really drunk to show Russ he’s not marrying the angel he thinks she is, engineering it so that Russ and Sylver turn up at the bar as Mercedes is ‘sexy dancing’.

But a revelation about Russ in the bar leads to Mercy calling off the wedding and planning to fly home.

Nana McQueen is making the most of her dating app while abroad and has lined up a date with Ronaldio...but she is disappointed to find he isn’t quite the cross between Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin she expected...

Courtney makes up an excuse to bow out of the hen do celebrations, later Goldie is shocked to see her in conversation with Liam Donovan, Iona’s father, but what is she up to?

On Tuesday (14th August), Nana returns from her saucy date with Ronaldio, giving the McQueen’s more detail than they need to hear. How will she be parted from her dream man?

Later, the McQueen’s fly back to Hollyoaks to a shocking revelation. Back at home and in fear for Mercedes they are devastated by the recent events.

These scenes will air Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th August at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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