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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Time is up for Breda as Mercedes finds Tony, Diane goes public with Edward + more

The following storylines will air 6th-10th December at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with Hollyoaks Later on Tuesday 7th January at 10pm on E4

Time is up for Breda as Mercedes finds Tony

With preparations in full swing for the McQueen's second Christmas, John Paul helps Mercedes and is pleasantly surprised when he clasps eyes on hunky Sylver for the first time since they were teenagers.

Asking him if he'd like to stay for dinner, Mercedes is disappointed when Sylver tells her he as to get back to Grace.

Worried that she has strayed from God's path with her latest vendetta, Breda thinks she still has time to put things right and agrees to join Goldie at Mercedes' for ‘Christmas’ with Bobby.

Just as the McQueen's get into the festive spirit, Breda and Goldie arrive at The Dog flat, but feeling all twitchy, Breda suggests they follow tradition and move the party to the McQueen’s house.

Suspicious as to why she wants the flat to herself, John Paul distracts the family by suggesting a Christmas conga.

Later, when Jack calls at the McQueen's, Goldie is shocked by Breda's behaviour as she throws her engagement ring at him. Seeing her upset at the pub, John Paul finds out from Goldie that Breda still has the pig farm which rings alarm bells. Meeting Mercedes in The Dog car park, John Paul tells her to go to the farm.

Trying to apologise to Jack for her mum's behaviour, Goldie reckons Breda doesn't really love him and is using her dementia as an excuse. Giving him his engagement back, Goldie notices the inscription inside the ring, 'LL' for Louis Loveday.

After finding the keys to the barn at the pig farm, Mercedes wearily steps inside. But when she can't see anything, she turns to leave - until she hears a faint groan and is horrified to find Tony!

In Hollyoaks Later (Tuesday 7th January, 10pm on E4), Mercedes desperately tries to free Tony from his cage, but as Breda approaches armed with a pitch fork she knocks Mercedes to the floor and locks them both in the cage.

Warning Breda that John Paul knows where she is, Mercedes starts to worry that she might have killed her brother. Fleeing the country, Breda leaves Mercedes and Tony to die.

Back at The Emporium, Goldie shares her worries about Breda’s aggressive behaviour with Sylver. Piecing all the clues together, Goldie spots Bobby and Curtis' hand-made dolls, including Bobby's Breda doll.

On Wednesday as Hollyoaks returns, everyone processes the events of what’s just happened as Jack runs the bar at The Dog and tries to lift everyone’s spirits with music and drinks.

Diane goes public with Edward as his daughter turns up

After Edward surprises her with an expensive necklace and invites her to the charity gala at The Loft, Diane worries about what people will think if they go together.

Not least of all Verity, Edward's daughter and Tony's sister - who turns up and enjoys the scandal of her dad seemingly dating Diane. When Diane tells her that they're just friends, Edward's ego is bruised and takes it out on Diane who later tries to justify her relationship with Edward to Sami.

But as Verity flirts with him at the charity gala, Sami tells her it's time they both move on. Confirming that she's ready to go public with Edward, Diane kisses him in the hospital corridor.

Warren returns

After apologising to Liberty and Brody for storming out, Sienna thinks they should give the truth circle another go in the hope that they’ll be honest with her. But she can't help but feel jealous

When she spots them together in Marnie’s Salon De Thé De Marnie, she can't help but feel jealous and Martine urges Sienna to remember why Liberty and Brody slept together.

All the while, Sienna is completely unaware that she's being followed by Warren who tells the twins that it’s time to put their family back together.


Walter decides to hold a vigil to bring the community back together and remember those they’ve lost at the hands of the serial killer as Lisa and Martine sing Amazing Grace.

After finding out that Azim is a wedding planner, Jesse asks him for help with his wedding to Courtney, only he doesn’t think Jesse can afford him. But when Scott thinks Azim needs bringing back down to Earth, Azim agrees to help Jesse, as long as Scott will be his assistant and be at Jesse and Courtney’s beck and call, day or night.


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