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Hollyoaks teases more drama for the Deveraux family as the soap returns with new episodes

As Hollyoaks returns after an enforced break due to the pandemic, here's everything you need to know about how the soap will return including lots of new photos to whet your appetite!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (7th-9th September) each episode will play out as a flashback to Scott and Mitchell’s wedding, where we now know that a crime involving the Deveraux triplets of terror will be committed.

With Walter refusing to accept that his grandson will be marrying a man, he locks horns with Scott just as Mitchell begins to get cold feet. Revelling in the trouble he's caused, Toby is surprised when Celeste helps Mitchell make amends with Scott, jeopardising their revenge plan.

As the guests arrive at the grand wedding venue and the grooms are assigned their room... Room 13! But with Walter refusing to attend, Joel convinces him that he should be and he turns up just as Scott and Mitchell walk down the aisle.

However, not everyone is pleased to see him. One of the triplets sees red, furious that once again Mitchell is getting his happy ending.

As the party gets started, Mitchell discovers that Toby tried to sabotage the wedding resulting in a huge bust-up. As Mitchell goes for a lie down, one of the siblings sneaks into Room 13.

When Damon announces the first dance, Mitchell is nowhere to be seen and one of the triplets is horrified to discover that there has been a disastrous mix up. With Scott wondering where Mitchell has go to, Damon goes in search of him as one of the triplets frantically tries

to hide what’s happened.

And when Scott is about to kick off their first dance, there’s a power cut, at which point Mercedes encourages everyone back to The Dog to carry on the party.

Meanwhile, Grace discovers that Felix is two-timing Martine with her niece Lisa and warns him that it's all bound to blow up in his face. Torn between them both, Grace advises Felix to go for the least complicated option. But who will he end up sleeping with?

During Thursday's episode (10th September), we return to the present day as Felix, Martine, Diane, Scott, Walter and others are all being interrogated by police.

As they each recall their version of events on that fateful wedding day months prior, Felix wants answers about what really happened that night.

Elsewhere, Diane is mortified when Tony, who is being drugged with testosterone by Edward, has another public outburst and bans him from the wedding. But after Edward puts another nail in the coffin, Verity finds Tony in a vulnerable state.

And as he listens in to John Paul and George's conversation, James smirks, mocking the couple, insisting that they have nothing in common. And with John Paul later left feeling rejected by George, could he have a point?

Hollyoaks returns Monday 7th September at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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