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Hunter admits to stealing Rayne's phone on the night she was murdered in Hollyoaks

But when it goes missing, who has it? And what will they find on it?

An anonymous note suggests that there’s someone out there who knows more about the night Rayne was murdered.

Hunter drops a shocking confession on his brother that he stole Rayne’s phone on the night of her murder. Later, he shows Romeo the note they received that encouraged Prince to change his plea.

When Hunter comes clean to Zoe about the phone, not wanting to risk her job, she wants to take it to the police. But Hunter persuades her otherwise. And Peri becomes suspicious of Hunter when she hears a familiar text tone.

Meanwhile, Zoe’s friend who works on tech support agrees to help get on Rayne’s phone, but Hunter is shocked to discover it has been taken from his pocket. Who has it now?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming

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