I TALK Cuckoo (Series 2)

Two years after the becoming BBC Three's most-watched comedy series launch ever, the BAFTA-nominated Cuckoo is finally back for a second series.

Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. For those of you who missed the first series, Cuckoo is set in Lichfield where Ken and Lorna Thompson (Greg Davies, Man Down, Helen Baxendale, Cold Feet) live.

The first series begins with them picking up their daughter Rachel, only to find that she has returned from a gap-year with a husband, who goes by the name of Cuckoo and is played by Andy Samberg, best known for being part of The Lonely Island. Cuckoo is an American hippy who doesn't have a job and loves taking drugs, not exactly the kind of guy Ken, an over protective father, and his wife Lorna had hoped her daughter would marry.

So what's new in series two? Well, the biggest change has to be the departure of Andy Samberg who doesn't return to play Cuckoo, however I'm sure many teenage girls won't be disappointed with his repla