I TALK Edge of Heaven

ITV do drama really well (Broadchurch, Mr Selfridge), and this year they're beginning to do comedy really well (Birds of a Feather), so when I saw that ITV were ready to launch a brand new comedy drama, set in Margate, I was intrigued.

And after watching just fifteen minutes of Edge of Heaven, I knew it would be right up my street, and I really hope it's up yours too. It's got her from Him & Her, not the actual her, but another her, Camille Coduri, him from The Inbetweeners, Blake Harrison, her from EastEnders, Louisa Lytton and him from Celebrity Juice, Nitin Kundra aka Indian Keith as well as Adrian Scarborough, Marcia Warren, Justine Cain, Robert Evans and Laura Checkley - so it's safe to say that we're in safe hands.

Edge of Heaven is set in, and I quote "Margate's finest 80's themed B&B", run by Wham! loving Judy (Camille Coduri). The B&B also doubles up as her home, where she lives with her husband Tandeep (Nitin Kundra), and her two grown-up kids, Alfie (Blake Harrison) and Ann-Marie (Laura Checkley). Judy is everyone's best friend, and it's clear to see why, she's fun, she's friendly and she knows how