I TALK Him & Her (Series 2)

This week saw the return of a brilliant new sitcom on BBC Three written by Stefan Golaszewski about an unemployed couple living in a bedsit.

This week's episode, which was the first of the second series, saw Becky move in to the bedsit with her boyfriend Steve.

However such a huge moment in anybody's life is played down brilliantly in the opening episode as it doesn't try to reinvent the formula that worked so well the last time around. Golaszewski merely adds another dimension to the story as we continue to follow Becky and Steve's life.

What I particularly enjoy about this show is the effortless way in which it portrays the young and lazy couple, Becky and Steve as they share a bedsit. Intimate moments such as Steve going to the toilet are shown which adds to the warts and all, real nature of the sitcom. This allows the audience to really believe they are in the space on the screen as all good sitcom should feel, as it is half an hour where the viewer can relax and immerse themselves in the events on screen.