I TALK This Is England 88

Tonight saw the return of the brilliant This Is England, which started life as a film in 2006 following a bunch of characters from England in 1983.

In 2010, the first spin-off television series This Is England '86 began and now the second spin-off set two years later This Is England '88 has just aired its first episode. So with a further spin-off This Is England '90 already commissioned what is it about the characters and what they go through that keep audiences returning time and time again to find out what they've been up to?

Back in 2006 we were introduced to Shaun, Combo, Lol, Woody and many others when the film This Is England hit our screens. I remember the first time I watched the film, which wasn't in the cinema but actually when it premiered on Film 4.I hadn't planned to watch it and despite its rave reviews I felt that the film didn't really appeal to me and I may not enjoy it.