I TALK Mr Sloane

Warning. This review may have been influenced by the fact that I am a massive Nick Frost fan. From the early days of Spaced to the more recent days of The World's End I've always been a big fan, so I was really hoping (for his sake, and mine) that Mr. Sloane was good.

Good news Frost fans... it is. Earlier on this week I was invited along to BAFTA to preview the first episode of Mr. Sloane and can't remember the last time I laughed so much at a screening. Which is unusual for a comedy which starts with the main character, Mr. Sloane, attempting to hang himself in his own house.

It's no surprise really that Mr. Sloane made me laugh as much as it did, because aside from great on-screen talent, the talent off screen is just as good. Mr. Sloane is the creation of Robert B. Weide, who brought us Curb Your Enthusiasm, and speaking at BAFTA earlier on this week, Weide spoke about how the idea for Mr. Sloane came whilst he was "driving down the freeway in Los Angeles one day, and caught a glimpse of a guy who looked a bit like Nick Frost, if he had been an accountant during the Mad Men era."