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I TALK Rev (Series 2)

Tonight saw the return of Rev for a second series at 9pm on BBC Two.

Rev follows the life of a Church of England priest from the country as he adjusts to life as a Vicar for a parish in London, leaving his country roots behind. It seems as though it's the type of comedy that shouldn't appeal to the masses, but it really does having won a BAFTA and trended on Twitter tonight.

This first episode of the new series has reminded me how much I loved this sitcom. The character of Rev is so well portrayed by Tom Hollander as are the supporting cast of Ellen Thomas (Adoha), an adoring member of the parish and his wife Olivia Colman (Alex).

The comedy is mostly created by the different situations he finds himself in. In this episode he is accidentally classed as a hero and nominated for a Pride Of Britain award which in itself presents many problems for the Vicar.

It was a brilliant start to the new series and I'm now really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series turns out.

Rev continues Thursdays at 9pm on BBC Two


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