I TALK The Boarding School Bomber

On Monday night, BBC Three aired a very different programme dubbed a docu-drama in its 9pm slot called The Boarding School Bomber.

It was directed by Susannah Price and starred Adam Deacon. The programme was based on the true story of Andrew (later Isa) Ibrahim who three years after the 7/7 attacks in London posed a terrorist threat to a Bristol shopping centre.

What made the programme very different, to me, was the use of real CCTV footage and interviews with his friends and family. These were mixed in with reconstructions and dramatisations played out by Adam Deacon, who I believe to be one of the brightest young actors to emerge from the UK, with credits including Kidulthood, Adulthood, Anuvahood, Top Boy and various other UK films and dramas.

This documentary and drama mix reminded me to the french film La Haine, which itself was based on a real event, and in particular the opening sequence where we are shown real footage of the riots that occured in France around that time.

There was a real poignancy behind my viewing of The Boarding School Bomber in that its interviews with his mother and friends reminded us that this was a real story and caused us