I TALK TO Alexis Conran

I caught up with Alexis Conran, who most of you will recognise from BBC Three's The Real Hustle to talk about his brand new series for Channel 5, Hustling America.

The series sees Alexis travel across America in the footsteps of history's greatest hustlers. A few weeks back I met Alexis Conran in the Channel 5 building and as I entered the room, there he was sat at the table with a pack of cards and some paper cups next to him. He catches me looking at them and goes - "Ah yes... we'll worry about those later." - So already I knew something was up.

Sure enough, 10 minutes before the end of my time with him Alexis pulled out a pack of cards and showed me a couple of tricks. At that point any thoughts of beating this guy went out the window - after all, he's the greatest hustler I've ever met so there's no chance I'd be able to beat him - his skills are impressive. He then gets me up out of my seat and places paper cups at the other end of the rather long The Apprentice style table and asks me to chuck playing cards at the cups and knock them over.