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I caught up with Bashy to find out a little bit more about his role in Top Boy, the series as a whole and what's next for man with many talents. Here's what he had to say.

Last week Top Boy burst back onto our screens with an explosive first episode that got everyone talking and trended for hours before and after the show on Twitter. Bashy, aka Ashley Thomas appears in this week's episode as Jermaine, Sully's (Kane Robinson) cousin.

Let's get straight into it then. Top Boy - did you watch the first series?

Yes, of course, of course. I loved it man, I thought it was really well made, I thought the actors did a really good job - and yeah I enjoyed it man.

So how did you feel when you were asked to be in series two?

Yeah, I was happy man - I was happy for myself you know, because I auditioned for the first series and didn't get it. So I auditioned for the second season and I ended up getting it! So yeah it's a good feeling and I've done it now so it's all good.

You play Jermaine, Sully's cousin. What can you tell us about him?

Jermaine - aka 'Champagne Jermaine' - is a bit of a boastful character. He's Sully's cousin and has to navigate his way out of a situation, and that's what his story's about. 

He thinks of the story in terms of where Sully's at and what Sully's thinking and how Sully at that moment is feeling. 

He hasn't really come into contact with Jermaine so it's about their relationship.

And what was it like working with Kane (Robinson) and Ashley (Walters)? Had you worked with them before?

Yeah, I've been working with Kano for years and years now and he's like a really good friend. That was just cool you know, we've travelled the world together and share so many stories, so we're cool man.

It's the first time I've worked with Ashley but I've known Ashley from way back so we're cool. People often confuse us over our names Ashley Thomas and Ashley Walters so we have a laugh about that!

How do you think the second series of Top Boy compares to the first?

I think the plots are more gripping. They've upped the budget and I think it's even better which is how it always should be. You should always be trying to make it better, so I think it's better this season.

What is it about Top Boy that people just love?

One, because this is what they should be showing people - what's actually going on, because that's what the vibe is like out there. And that's why I think it's so popular on Twitter, because it's about young people, for young people and it's on national TV so I think more stuff like this needs to be made - there's not enough. But I think it's really made as well so I think those two factors is what makes everyone like it.

How do you feel about this current wave of MC's moving into acting?

I think it's cool man. For me, I've always done this. If you look back through my old CVs I talk about being a rapper and an actor so for me, I've been doing this. In terms of other MC's and stuff getting into acting, more power to them, do you get what I'm saying?

As long as they're still going to respect the craft and really try your hardest, to really get across the character, then I'm all for it man. I would never try to hold back anyone.

Obviously now you've done Top Boy, Black Mirror etc. - have you caught the acting bug? Anymore roles coming up?

No, at the present moment in time I'm focussing on music. Acting is always there, it's always a part of my life - so if the right role pops up, and I get it, then I'll do it. 

But there's loads of stuff you can check me out in, like The Man Inside, Cockneys Vs Zombies, like you said actually, Black Mirror - so yeah, just loo out for me I guess!

What's next for you then? You've got a single coming out right?

Yeah, the single, you can pre-order it now, it's called These Are The Songs - it's doing really well and people are really enjoying it.

Then after that, there's the EP that that comes from and then the limited edition BISH BASH BOSH range that we're doing that's sort of my focus at the minute.

Top Boy continues Tuesday nights at 9pm on Channel 4


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