I TALK TO Bob Kushell

I caught up with Bob Kushell, the writer responsible for new BBC Three comedy Way To Go about the way the series has been received.

Since news broke last November about BBC Three's new dark comedy, one about assisted suicide, the tabloids had a field day with one tory MP criticising the show for treating suicide as a "matter of fun”.

On the 24th January, on my way into work I tuned in to 5Live Breakfast to hear Bob Kushell, creator and writer of Way To Go, talk about the show. The interview was more of a debate about the issues that surround the show with Stephen Green (leader of Christian Voice) shouting suicide statistics at Bob Kushell over the phone. What struck me was that Green had not actually watched the show, and therefore how he felt he could contribute to such an argument is beyond me.

After the interview I wanted to find out more about the controversy surrounding the show, so I got in touch with Bob Kushell, best known for his work on The Simpsons, Anger Management and 3rd Rock From The Sun, and offered him a chance to speak out about it here on my blog. Thankfully he obliged.