I TALK TO Eleanor Matsuura

Last week, I caught up with Eleanor Matsuura who plays PC Donna Prager in new 8pm BBC One drama Cuffs.

The new fast-paced cop show set in Brighton, focuses on the challenges of front-line policing and stars Ashley Walters, Amanda Abbington and Shaun Dooley. The series is written by the wonderful Julie Gearey (Prisoners’ Wives), and one of the main reasons this is such a great drama is because the characters are fully rounded and not just there to serve a purpose.

One of those characters is PC Donna Prager, played by the very lovely Eleanor Matsuura who I caught ups with last week for a chat about playing Donna, filming in Brighton and Gogglebox!

First of all, congratulations on a brilliant series. What I loved about Cuffs was that it didn’t feel like an 8pm drama, was that the same for you?