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I TALK TO Keith Lemon

If you've heard of that relatively small show on ITV2 Celebrity Juice, and by small I mean the HUGE ratings winner that is Celebrity Juice, then you've probably heard about a certain Keith Lemon, who was the latest person I caught up with for a chat.

Taking after the likes of Peter Andre, last year Keith starred in his very own fly on the wall doc, Lemon La Vida Loca, and this month he's back with a second series.

Having split from long-term girlfriend Rosie, Keith is single, ready to mingle and looking to make an impact on the celebrity dating circuit. Here's what Keith Lemon had to say when I caught up with him for a quick chat...

First of all, what can we expect from this series of Lemon La Vida Loca?

Lots of dates with different women. Lots of laffs and lots of me with me mates and me family.

And a look behind the scenes of the making of me song I Wanna Go On You.

Your song?! What made you record a single? Is this a new career move?

Well I like singing and it's to raise money for Text Santa so it's a good cause innit?

Indeed! So was it a difficult decision to carry on your telly show after splitting with Rosie?

Not really. Don't even think about it t' be honest.

Do you think there's a What Rosie Did Next in the pipeline?

How do I know?! I ain't got a clue. I doubt it though.

You've clearly moved on then... any clues as to which ladies you take on a date this series?

I don't wanna brag... but some very nice ones!

Wow, you're really not giving anything away are you?! Surely you can give us one name...

You'll have to watch this Thursday at 10pm on ITV2.

Nice plug there! So how warts 'n' all is this series? Anything you won't let the cameras film?

Nah! I let them film everything. Even when I'm on't bog having a poo!

Well there's a nice image! Before you go, if you had to pick between Celebrity Juice and Lemon La Vida Loca, which one do you enjoy doing more? ...and will Kelly be back?

They're both totally different. Celebrity Juice is me job and Lemon La Vida Loca is me life. As for Kelly, she was just filling in for Fearne whilst she went off to be a mum. Fearne will be back next series after Through The Keyhole.

Lemon La Vida Loca airs Thursday nights at 10pm on ITV2


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