I TALK TO Keith Lemon

For some the thought of interviewing Keith Lemon hours after the Through The Keyhole wrap party might be a daunting experience, however having interviewed him a few times now, I was confident that hungover or not (he was) he would be great value (he was).

We sat down to talk about the third series of Through The Keyhole, the hit ITV Saturday night show that sees Keith snoop around famous people’s houses, and often breaking a thing or two in the process. As happened last time, Keith was unable to discuss whose house he’d been in, but never-the-less I did get a good bit of insight into the new series.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in people’s houses this time around?

It’s just been a barrage of Buddhas! Celebrities have Buddha’s now, I think that’s replaced the canvas of the three pebbles because everyone’s got a Buddha.