I TALK TO Ryan Sampson

Last month, ITV2 announced Glitchy, a brand new comedy series from Plebs star Ryan Sampson.

Described as a "fast-paced, sketch prank hybrid”, the series will see Ryan Sampson parody television shows by throwing them into a surreal and parallel television world.

When I announced the news on the site and on Twitter, it received a huge response, so a few days later I simply had to catch up with Ryan to find out more about the series.

When I revealed news of the series, the reaction on Twitter was incredible with lots of messages of support for you. Were you surprised by that sort of reaction?

It went down really well. I was really chuffed. You go about doing what you think is funny, but then when other people were going “I’m really excited that you’re doing a series”, I didn’t realise I had that sort of backup I suppose.