I TALK TO Tom Rosenthal

As the first episode of Plebs gets even nearer, I caught up with Tom Rosenthal about his character, Danny Dyer, and what it was like filming the show.

First of all, I really enjoyed Plebs. What attracted you to the role in the first place?

Aw thanks man. Honestly, the fact Tom Basden had written it was significant, because you know I love that guy so much. And I know he's written some brilliant things. He's written Party and obviously a lot of Fresh Meat and he's in Cowards and stuff so as soon as I saw that I was like "Oh my god. I want to be in stuff that guys writes." 

But reading the script, you know, I found it very funny and I loved the idea of Ancient Roman comedy. I thought that's quite nice. Just hearing about it you go, "OK. I want to watch that" just the idea of it, it's interesting, it's different.

Was this screening the first time you guys have watched the show?