I TALK Trying Again

Trying Again, which starts this week with a run of 8 episodes may be Sky One's best comedy offering yet. And why wouldn't it be?

Created by actor Chris Addison (The Thick Of It) and writer Simon Blackwell (Peep ShowThe Thick Of It, Veep) on paper this looks very good, and luckily for them (and us), on screen it's every bit as good as I'd hoped. Together they wanted to create a relationship comedy that explored that moment many couples reach in their 30s where they question if they're with the right 'one'. Cue Trying Again...

The comedy focuses on Matt and Meg who live in a small Lake District town where there is no room for secrets and people tend to say things at the wrong time.

Matt is played by Chris Addison, and Meg is played by ex-EastEnders actress Jo Joyner. They have been together for years and there's no denying that they're soul mate. But then six months ago, Meg had an affair with a Doctor from work but the couple are ready to give love a second chance, with the help of a little couple counselling along the way.