I TALK Undeniable

Undeniable, written by Chris Lang (A Mother's Son) is a gripping two-part thriller that tells the story of Jane Phillips, played by Claire Goose (Mount Pleasant), a woman who's determined to bring the man she believes is responsible for her mother's killing to justice.

Imagine being 7 years old, seeing your mum lying dead on the ground and staring straight at her killer as he walks away from the scene of the crime. Well for Jane Phillips, imagining wasn't necessary as this actually happened to her.

Undeniable begins, with a flashback to 1991 where on a sunny day in Long Mynd, Shropshire, 7 year old Jane hears her mother cry out, then turns back to find a man crouched over Anne’s lifeless body holding a rock in his bloodied hand. In these opening two minutes you're bound to be in tears as a young girl is left without a mother in a matter of moments.