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Imran feels closer to his faith than ever in Hollyoaks as he returns home

And Juliet's advice encourages Imran to be more honest with his new friends.

At the Maaliks, as the family gather belongings to take to Imran during their next visit, Misbah announces that the clinic is so delighted with his recovery progress that they can treat him as an outpatient, he’s coming home.

Wanting to make the house perfect for Imran’s return, Yazz cleans the place from head to toe and the family are over the moon when Imran returns home. But Misbah warns Zain that this is the most crucial stage of Imran’s recovery, so they have to get it right.

As Imran adjusts to life back at home, he feels his family are being overprotective but as he feels closer than ever to his faith, Imran is shocked when Misbah suggests that he shouldn’t fast this Ramadan.

In heartwarming scenes, Imran confides in Brooke, as the pair reminisce over the past and when Imran comes to the conclusion that he wants to be more independent, Zain offers him some words of wisdom about his faith.

To celebrate his return, Imran, Juliet and Brooke enjoy a game of soldiers in the park and some sincere advice from Juliet encourages Imran to be more honest with his new friends.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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