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Jack accuses Denise of compromising his investigation in EastEnders

But when Ravi threatens Denise and Jack separately, will he get what he wants?

In an attempt to put pressure on Denise to gain access to Jack’s files, Ravi tries to flirt with Chelsea, but when she rebuffs his offer of a drink, he's convinced that he can still win her round.

Wanting to give Whitney and Zack some space, Chelsea tells Felix and Finlay that they are going to The Albert tonight. But she's annoyed to find Ravi there and even more irritated when a mystery blonde joins him.

Furious, Chelsea tries to make Ravi jealous, but it looks as though her plan has failed when Ravi and the girl leave. When Chelsea steps outside, Ravi is waiting for her and offers to take her for a ride on his motorbike.

Having been up all night working on the case involving Ravi, Denise begs Jack to take some time off and Ravi sends some flirty texts to a thrilled Chelsea.

Later, Denise collars Chelsea to insist she comes to a family games night at No.27, and Felix stirs by asking if she can bring a plus one. Delighted to hear about the evening, Ravi invites himself to be Chelsea’s guest.

Denise and Jack are horrified when they arrive together, and as the night goes on and Ravi starts twisting the knife with both, things look set to get out of hand.

The next day, Jack and Denise’s marriage hits another stumbling block when he accuses her of telling Chelsea that they are investigating Ravi and she could have compromised the case.

Later, Jack warns Ravi off Chelsea, leading to a tense stand-off between the two men. Needling Jack about Denise and the state of their marriage, Ravi offers to stay away from Chelsea if Jack gives him intel about the investigation.

And at Walford East later, Denise smugly puts Ravi in his place, but he comes back with a threat that leaves her shaking in her boots.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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