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Jai confronts Rishi in Emmerdale after discovering a life-changing secret

What could the secret be? And will Rishi tell Jai the truth?

When Jai makes a mistake whilst booking a holiday on a website it gives Laurel an idea. Could it have been a sign?

Before long, Laurel gets down on one knee and asks Jai to marry her. With her proposal delightfully accepted they soon happily discuss the correct order to tell people their news and Jai realises he needs to retrieve his divorce certificate so heads to find his legal documents.

Searching, Jai dislodges the contents of an old box and discovers an official document among the miscellanea and on a closer look, it's revealed that something is not right. What could that be?

The next day, Jai is still deeply upset regarding his discovery and loses his temper at work. As an ex-addict, Laurel is worried about how he may react and implores him to talk to his parents.

When an oblivious Rishi arrives, Jai eventually explodes with anger, leaving Rishi aghast when he reveals he knows the secret. As Rishi covers, Jai is incredulous at his dad’s weak explanations and it's clear that he is lying through his teeth and not telling him the truth.

The next day, Jai is furious after discovering that Manpreet has known the secret since their marriage and forces his father away. With an engagement party planned, Jai still can’t escape his turmoil and an oblivious Archie heads out on a secret mission to find his absent grandfather.

Will Rishi’s arrival help or make things worse?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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