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Jai suspends Ben from work as he tries to shift the blame for bridge collapse in Emmerdale

Will Aaron's actions just make things worse?

As Jai worries about a health & safety inspection at HOP tomorrow, a journalist sniffs around the cafe and asks Brenda about the bridge collapse on the survival challenge.

But when Brenda explains to Ben she’s spoken to a journalist, he knows it’s bad news and attempts to tell Jai who is too preoccupied to listen.

As the Health & Safety officer arrives, they explain HOP’s management will be held personally responsible if it’s proved the bridge was overloaded, leaving Jai terrified.

When Ben finally informs him of the investigative journalist, Jai plans to blame it all on Ben which leaves Laurel horrified when she finds out.

Before long, Ben realises Jai’s trying to implicate him when he's offered a buy-out in exchange for his resignation.

Ben decides he needs a lawyer but Aaron and Liv quickly recognize their level of legal help won’t be a match for Jai’s.

Soon, Aaron sets off to confront Jai but matters are made worse when Aaron punches Jai, leaving everyone stunned and Jai suspends Ben from work.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s left feeling guilty, Could he make things even worse?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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