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James continues to be blackmailed by Lucas in Hollyoaks

But how much can he take?

As the teens compete in the short film awards, Mason questions Vicky on her well-being and unable to contain it anymore she admits she needs the competition money to help her get out of supported living.

Realising the struggles Vicky is going through and how much winning would mean, Mason offers to help and the rest of the team agrees to give Vicky the money if they win.

Needing better editing software but not having money for it, Lucas tells his friends he can sort it. Once again, Lucas uses the recording he got as leverage to blackmail James into buying him the equipment needed to edit the short film, leaving Leah irate and feeling left out. Later, she confronts her brother about him blackmailing their stepdad.

Finding himself cornered into financial demands from both of his stepchildren and needing to put a stop to it, James comes up with a compromise, a weekly allowance from him in return for one-on-one time whenever he wants with Ste.

Alone, Ste opens up to his husband about his concerns over Lucas’ behaviour and anger, but the couple are interrupted by Lucas who once again blackmails James into getting what he wants.

When Lucas purposely smashes an expensive bottle of wine, James responds by shouting at him, but how long will he be able to keep the truth from Ste when he walks in during the argument?

Finding it hard to keep up the charade, James goes to tell his husband the truth.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming

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