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Janine discovers she's PREGNANT in EastEnders

But when Linda professes her love to Mick. Who will he choose?

When Janine surprises Mick with a day trip, it clashes with the day of Linda’s meeting with her brief.

Realising she would benefit from Linda doing well in court, Janine suggests Mick goes, appearing slightly unwell.

When Sonia brings in a sick Scarlett, Janine is convinced that they have the same bug. However, while tending to Scarlett Janine faints.

In the hospital, Sonia and Janine are left shellshocked when the doctor reveals that Janine is pregnant! Reeling from her news, Sonia encourages Janine to tell Mick.

After Linda's hopes are dashed, Mick assures Linda that he still cares about her and will help her fight to get Annie back.

Elsewhere, Frankie tells Shirley that the girl she is helping at school will be moving to Scotland and that she has been invited to join the family there. When she finally tells Mick about this opportunity, Frankie is unimpressed with his unenthusiastic reaction.

In the café, Frankie tells Callum her fears about moving to Scotland as she watches Sonia urging Janine to tell Mick about the pregnancy.

As Linda waits anxiously to be called into her court hearing, her new lawyer Anita offers her reassurance. Realising how much Mick paid for her new lawyer, Linda opens up to Sharon about her feelings for Mick.

Later, Shirley enjoys telling Janine that Mick paid for Linda’s lawyer and in The Vic, Linda is about to profess her love to Mick.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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