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Janine feels threatened by Whitney in EastEnders

Will her and Mick ever be intimate?

When Janine wakes up without Mick by her side, she knows that he is avoiding her and confesses to Billy that they have not been intimate. And things grow even more awkward when Janine tries to confront Mick about their intimacy issues.

As Mick avoids engaging with the subject, Mitch overhears, and Mick admits to him that he can’t be intimate with Janine.

The next day, Mick avoids Janine and goes for a run and bumps into Mitch, who doesn’t know what to say after yesterday’s conversation.

As Janine gives Billy his birthday present, the mood turns when he reveals Mick once had a thing with Whitney. Confronting Whitney, Janine warns her away.

When Mitch interrupts Karen's heart to heart with Harvey, she is furious and gives him a reality check about listening to people, which makes him think again about Mick.

Apologising to Mick for being awkward, Mitch asks him more about his troubles and when Mick admits his mind is stopping him from being intimate, Mitch then tries his best to give him some useful advice.

After failing to seduce Mick, Janine tells Billy that if the judge gives her custody of Scarlett at the hearing this week, she will leave Walford.

When Janine tells Mick that she doesn't want his support at the hearing tomorrow, Frankie picks up on the atmosphere and suggests Mick be more romantic, so he takes Janine on a date.

However as Janine gets ready, she realises her clothes have shrunk in the wash! During their date at Walford East, Janine's plan backfires and they both laugh the incident off, but the mood turns when Mick makes an admission.

When Whitney arrives to celebrate Sonia’s birthday, Janine seizes the opportunity to ask personal questions about Mick.

Later, Mick is touched when Janine brings him a slice of cake for Tina’s birthday. And they both head off to court for Scarlett’s hearing together.

Elsewhere, Frankie bumps into an old friend from university, Clara, who reveals how successful she’s been, leading Frankie to lie about her own success. At The Vic, Linda overhears and offers Frankie some advice.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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