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Janine, Tommy, Scarlett, Phil, Kheerat, Gray and Ballum caught in a huge fire in EastEnders

Who will make it out alive?

It's the anniversary of Chantelle’s death and Gray finds flowers on his doorstep. When Whitney tells him she saw Kheerat lingering before, Gray’s face hardens but as he confronts Kheerat, Kheerat pushes past him as he's spotted a fire at Phil’s house.

When Janine finds Scarlett and Tommy in Tommy’s bedroom, Tommy locks the door and tosses the key straight down a crack in the floorboards.

With the three of them now trapped in the bedroom, they soon realise there's a fire and they need to get the key fast. But as they attempt to escape, Kheerat and Gray head inside, and an explosion goes off!

As Phil lies unconscious with flames surrounding him, he wakes up struggling to breathe. Noticing the flames, Ben and Callum get closer and with the smoke and flames engulfing the house, getting dangerously close to a gas canister, an explosion goes off!

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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