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Jason Derulo and Becky Hill to judge new BBC Three music competition show Project Icon

The new six-part music competition invites eight aspiring recording artists to compete against each other and will be hosted by Jordan North.

Project Icon will feature Jason Derulo, Becky Hill and Derulo’s long-term manager Frank Harris as mentors and was created by Derulo and Harris in collaboration with MultiStory.

Hosted by Jordan North, it will see eight aspiring recording artists invited to compete against each other to see whether they have got what it takes to transform from a bedroom singer into an all-around music star in just a few weeks.

It is inspired by Derulo’s own career story, which took off when he realised that the music industry had changed and he reinvented himself to be more than just a great singer. He rebuilt his profile on social media and on films, gained a new legion of fans and his popularity soared. Now, he wants to share his formula with eight rough diamonds and give one the chance to follow in his footsteps.

Becky Hill, Jason Derulo and Frank Harris will mentor the newcomers and put them through their paces with a number of real-world challenges. The artists will all have a track record of posting about their music exploits on their social platforms but they haven’t broken into the mainstream, yet!

Speaking about Project Icon, Jason Derulo said "The world of music has changed and being a superstar with staying power today requires a lot more than just singing. Project Icon is the first TV show that will challenge contestants on all realistic skills an artist today should have for a real shot at being an Icon."

Becky Hill said "As somebody with first-hand experience of a TV talent show, I know the struggles and stigma that surround trying to make it in the music industry. I want to change that narrative for other artists and show them that success in the music industry is about talent, but also and mostly about hard work."

"I feel like Project Icon is a bootcamp for artists, showing them the fun parts of this life, but also the real work that goes in to becoming a true icon. This is the training I wish I had all of those years ago."

To which Frank Harris added "We couldn’t be more thrilled to be in partnership with the BBC and MultiStory Media on this exciting and unique project. There is so much incredible talent in the UK and we look forward to finding and creating the next generation of musical superstars."

The series experts all know what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of music, and the high-stakes challenges that the artists will be participating in all reflect the realities of the modern music business. Each week someone will be eliminated before the final three go through to a nail-biting finale.

At the end of the series, the winner will receive a US music deal with Jason’s label Future History, a collaboration with Jason Derulo, and a live performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2023.

Host, Jordan North, said "I'm well excited to be the host of Project Icon, there is so much fantastic talent in the UK! At Radio 1, it’s no secret that we love to champion and find fresh musical talent, so I can’t wait to be part of show that is hoping to uncover the next big music star."

And BBC Three Controller Fiona Campbell said "This new series has all the ingredients we look for in a show for BBC Three. Big talent, super creative individuals and challenges that take inspiration from real-life trends and amplifies it. We have high hopes for it and we’ll be looking for aspiring artists from all over the country."

The series will be executive produced for MultiStory Media by Simone Haywood and Tom Whitrow with international distribution by ITV Studios.

Project Icon will air on BBC Three

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