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Jason Manford joins Waterloo Road as new Headteacher Mr Savage

But what does this mean for Kim Campbell's future at the school?

Folllowing the end of series 13, Waterloo Road has announced that actor and comedian Jason Manford will join the cast when it returns for its next series later this year.

Jason Manford will play Steve Savage, who has a big impact on the staff and pupils at Waterloo Road when he becomes headteacher, but not before ruffling a few feathers along the way. And he'll be joined by Olly Rhodes who plays his son, Billy Savage.

While Manford's new role as headteacher will leave fans questioning how the future looks for current headteacher Kim Campbell, played by Angela Griffin, viewers will have to wait and see how the storyline plays out.

On joining Waterloo Road, Jason Manford said "What an absolute treat it is to join the cast and crew of Waterloo Road, right here in my home city of Manchester. My kids and I binged the show on iPlayer during lockdown. It’s such a brilliant, iconic show, so I’m dead proud to now be part of its history. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher and now becoming a headteacher, I know I would have been terrible!"

To which Executive Producer and Founder of Rope Ladder Fiction, Cameron Roach, added "We're thrilled that Jason Manford is joining Waterloo Road, as the show returns for a fourth series since returning to BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Jason is a phenomenal comic actor, and has fully embraced the tone and spirit of the show, we can't wait for the audience to meet Steve Savage and his son Billy."

"As with all of our adult cast, Jason has been an inspiring and approachable mentor to our younger cast and crew; we love that a new generation of Northern talent are able to learn their craft alongside brilliant household names. The legacy of Waterloo Road goes from strength to strength."

The new series will also welcome Saira Choudhry as Waterloo Road's newest maths teacher, Nisha Chandra, alongside a host of new students, including Nathan Wood as Boz Osbourne, Sonya Nisa as Aleena Qureshi, Miya Ocego as Lois Taylor-Brown, Danny Murphy as Luca Smith and Matthew Khan as Jared Jones. Further information about their characters will be revealed in due course.

Returning for the new series will be Adam Thomas as Donte Thomas, Kym Marsh as Nicky Walters, James Baxter as Joe Casey, Jo Coffey as Wendy Whitwell, Shauna Shim as Valerie Chambers, Neil Fitzmaurice as Neil Guthrie, Rachel Leskovac as Coral Walker and Katherine Pearce as Amy Spratt.

Also returning to Waterloo Road are Aabay Noor Ali as Mollie "Mog" Richardson, Alicia Forde Kelly-Jo Rafferty, Chiamaka (ChiChi) Ulebor as Shola Aku, Francesco Piacentini-Smith as Dean Weever, Hattie Dynevor as Libby Guthrie, Liam Scholes as Noel McManus, Lucy Eleanor Begg as Caz Williams, Maisey Robinson as Portia Weever, Noah Valentine as Preston Walters, Summer Violet Bird as Tonya Walters, Thapelo Ray as Dwayne Jackson, Tillie Amartey as Stacey "Stace" Neville and Zak Sutcliffe as Schuey Weever.

Waterloo Road returns later this year on BBC One


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