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Jay breaks Lola out of the hospital after she receives devastating news in EastEnders

How much longer will the couple have together?

After Callum convinces him to make amends with Lola, Ben promises to be there for their daughter when Lola can no longer.

As Kim organises a leaving karaoke party for Lola at the salon, her anxiety mounts as she forgets to hire a karaoke machine.

Having bonded with Ben, Elaine saves the day with her swanky machine.

Later, the day's events become too much for Lola and she secretly retreats outside. Realising that Lola is missing, Denise, Honey and Kathy begin to panic when they can’t find her.

After Jay and Billy join the search, Billy finds a confused Lola on the floor outside the gym and later at home, Lola panics as her speech and mobility are impaired.

The following morning, a weak Lola wakes up in the hospital with Ben, Jay and Billy at her side and learns the devastating news that her palliative chemotherapy treatment hasn’t worked.

Later, Jay breaks Lola out of the hospital to enjoy a fun-filled day at the seaside and she spots a ruby necklace which she hopes to buy for Lexi as a 16th birthday present. Whilst at the seafront, Lola and Jay share a heart-to-heart.

As Lola and Jay prepare to leave, they're interrupted by a police officer and the shopkeeper as it transpires that Lola stole the £60 necklace.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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