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Jay is accused of cheating as Emma returns and tightens her grip on Lola in EastEnders

Just how much is Lola is keeping from Jay?

When Lola zones out, Jay and Lexi are worried. Refusing to get checked out, Lola instead pours all her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser until she zones out again.

After Jay insists that they go to the hospital, he later tries to convince Lola to get a counsellor for Lexi, who is struggling to cope. With Lola determined to support her daughter herself, Jay eventually convinces Lola to arrange counselling for Lexi.

However, Jay is frustrated when Emma arrives and undoes all his good work, revealing that she has come to see how Lola is because a worried Lexi called her.

Despite her concern that Emma secretly gave Lexi her number and encouraged her to lie, Lola soon forgives her mother and after hearing her opinion, cancels the counsellor, leaving Jay fuming.

As Jay and Emma clash over their different approaches to Lola’s situation, Emma wants him to stop being so over-protective, but Jay is adamant Lola mustn’t do too much.

After convincing Jay to go out with Ben and Callum, Emma accompanies Lola to the hospital where the doctor has some worrying news.

Back in Walford, Lola doesn’t want Emma to fetch Jay, but she goes to find him anyway. Out with Ben and Callum, Jay has been joined by Shanti, a girl on a hen night she’s not enjoying. As they talk about how much he loves Lola, Emma walks in and sees them being too close for comfort.

Returning home, Jay is stunned to find Lola furiously telling him that Emma saw him and he needs to get out fearing he has cheated! Heartbroken, Jay can’t believe Lola thinks he’s capable of cheating and is horrified to hear she’s having an MRI and he didn’t know.

After convincing Jay to go to the hospital to support his wife, Honey tags along with him to distract an overbearing Emma. Terrified, Lola finally agrees to speak to her husband, and they share a deep, painful conversation about what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Honey tries to dig deeper with Emma and find out why she’s so controlling. Can she convince Emma to ease up on Jay and release her grip on Lola?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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