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Jay publicly brings up Janine's past in EastEnders as she tries to win Scarlett back

Will Mick agree to help her? Or will Jay's words have the desired effect?

After Jean and Stacey tell her that the social workers are assessing Kat regarding Scarlett, Janine begs Mick to let her use The Vic’s address, and he agrees.

As Jay completes his community payback, Honey sees him and is embarrassed. And after spotting Janine taking pleasure in his plight, Jay is later approached at the car lot by social worker Claire, who asks him for a character reference for Janine. Jay takes great pleasure in describing her true colours.

Later, in The Vic, Jay enjoys telling Janine that he told the social worker about her history. Whilst Mick is concerned over Jay's comments, Janine brushes off her past indiscretions and subtly asks him to fake being a couple for her meeting with the social worker.

Scarlett tells Janine that the reason she is ignoring her is that she knows that her mother's Christmas antics were only to get one over the Slaters.

Agreeing to Janine’s request, Mick is adamant that no one must know. However, realising that Mick is helping Janine with the social worker, Jay later berates Mick in The Vic, telling everyone that he is having an affair and highlighting Janine’s past.

Upstairs, Janine’s meeting with Claire is going well. What effect will Jay's words have?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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