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Jean cuts Stacey out of her life in EastEnders

Can Stacey get through to Harvey about her concerns?

As Jean plans a surprise for the children, Stacey is concerned and the pressure is on to tell Arthur the truth about Kush. Martin is also concerned when outside, Jean blocks the market with a bouncy castle for all the kids.

Mortified to see Jean on the bouncy castle, Stacey attempts to get her off. But as she does so, Jean accidentally hurts Arthur and embarrasses herself.

Meanwhile, disappointed that Aaron cancelled their visit, Dana and Harvey arrive back and Harvey joins Jean on the bouncy castle, infuriating Stacey that he doesn’t truly understand Jean’s condition.

Stacey goes to desperate lengths to try and help her mum, by banning her from being alone with the children until she sees a doctor.

Kat is mortified after making a discovery and after expecting to get an earful, having skived off school again, Tommy is shocked to find Kat crying in the kitchen.

Relieved to learn that the gun will be picked up soon, Kat is confronted by Jean about Stacey's decision and tries to convince her she is more than capable of looking after the kids. And later, Jean manages to slip out to the tube station with Arthur where she tells him what happened to Kush.

With Martin's help, Stacey finds Jean and Arthur but is devastated to discover she told him about Kush.

And following a huge argument, Jean arrives at Harvey and Rocky’s asking to move in as Stacey is dead to her.

Stacey tries to explain to Harvey how Jean’s current behaviour is evidence that she's experiencing a manic episode. Will Harvey understand?

Visiting Aaron in prison, Harvey is shocked to see his son's bruised face and wants to tell the officers. Aaron however is adamant not to say anything, wanting to just spend some time with his dad and feel normal. Later on, Harvey suggests to Jean to get out of London and she insists on leaving now and not waiting.

Filled with dread, Tommy watches a video by his bully Sid making fun of him and in the playground, he's taunted by the bullies. Spotting the commotion, Isaac breaks it up.

With Kat on edge as she waits for Phil’s package to be collected, Isaac arrives to tell her about the extent of Tommy being bullied. With Isaac’s words on her mind, Kat takes action and after school, Tommy realises he’s been set up by the bullies.

Against the advice of Eve, Stacey pretends to be her mum to get a doctor’s appointment.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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