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Jean proposes to Harvey in EastEnders

What will his answer be?

A dishevelled Jean stumbles out of a limo after a night, leaving Whitney and Martin shocked and Martin takes her back to Sharon's.

As she rummages through Linda's suitcase, admiring her clothes, Jean talks about her night out with a stag do.

When Stacey arrives, she tells Jean she has a doctor’s appointment this Friday, but a furious Jean storms off.

Meanwhile, Harvey sulks after his break-up with Jean, but his attention is forced elsewhere when Neil gets in his taxi and aggressively makes a threat he can’t ignore. When Jean approaches wanting to clear the air, a shaken Harvey insists it's the end of their relationship.

Outside, Jean notices the groom from the stag do getting married and he lets her catch the bouquet, awkwardly trying to get rid of her.

Happier than ever, Jean surprises Harvey and proposes!

With Harvey on edge following yesterday's encounter with Neil, Dana picks up on his odd moot and back at the flat, Rocky questions what Dana is hiding. When she opens up, Rocky promises not to tell Harvey, but later can't help himself and mimes information to Harvey so he can guess what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Jean excitedly tells Shirley she’s proposed to Harvey but he’s still thinking about it and when Shirley talks to Harvey, she asks him what he's waiting for.

Later, Nancy spots Jean in Linda's scarf and after she denies stealing it, Nancy tells Stacey what has happened and Stacey does her best to convince Harvey to get Jean to the doctors tomorrow.

Eventually, Harvey convinces her as it will get Stacey off her back but at the appointment, Stacey insists she's fine. As Kat and Martin reminisce on the anniversary of Kush’s death, Stacey is focused on Jean’s appointment at the doctors.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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