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Jean receives quite the shock as Kheerat returns the Slater's cash in EastEnders

But what about her date with Harvey? Will that go as expected?

With Harvey nervous ahead of his date with Jean, Aaron offers him some advice. Meanwhile, Eve is also giving Jean tips in the hope of winning her over.

Whilst waiting, Aaron slips some vodka into his dad’s beer encouraging him to drink up. Realising what he's up to, Mila stops serving Aaron.

And as Harvey gets drunker by the minute, Jean arrives.

Later, Eve attempts a grand gesture for Jean that ends in disaster, as she suddenly collapses at the Minute Mart. Suki is dubious but after confirming a previous back injury, Eve turns on the charm and convinces Ash to prescribe her strong painkillers. Ash is smitten.

However, her kindness comes back to bite her when Eve reveals she has the upper hand. She’ll report her to the police for writing a prescription out for a friend if Ash doesn’t get Jean’s money back.

Later that evening, Kheerat runs into a thief at the office, tackles them to the ground and pulls off their hood to reveal it’s Ash, caught red-handed.

When Eve helps Jean with her second date, Stacey is suspicious about her injury and Kheerat is fuming when Ash explains that the Slater’s tricked her.

As Jean and Harvey get chatting, Kheerat arrives and hands over the cash ordering her to leave his family alone. Eve refuses to tell Jean and Stacey what she did to change Kheerat’s mind.

Later, spotting Kheerat, Stacey hopes there's no hard feeling, but when he explains what Eve did, Stacey is left hurt.

And when Suki notices things are strained between her kids and demands to know what’s happened, will she discover the truth? And if so, how will she react?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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