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Jean's actions come between Rocky and Kathy in EastEnders

But what does this mean for her and Harvey?

Harvey warns Jean not to meddle with Rocky and Kathy but ignoring his pleas, Jean takes matters into her own hands. Spotting an opportunity, she punctures Kathy’s tyre and suggests that Rocky drives Kathy to the funeral.

As Kathy rushes to see Rocky at the car lot before they can sort it out, they realise they are locked inside and outside, Jean walks away satisfied with her actions.

Still locked in the car lot, Rocky and Kathy share a drink and the pair begin to reconcile their relationship.

Learning of Jean’s actions, Harvey rushes over there to help them. Later, Rocky jokes about what happened which leads a furious Kathy to believe Rocky planned the whole thing.

After Harvey insists Jean tells Kathy the truth about what happened at the car lot, her seemingly rude attitude angers Kathy. Seeing the interaction, Stacey confides in Eve.

Coming clean to Rocky, Jean mistakes Rocky's willingness to forgive and friendliness as flirting and Eve spots them talking. As Jean follows Rocky into the toilets, how will he react?

With Jean on a mission to look after Harvey, Rocky feels uncomfortable and tells Stacey what happened yesterday, leading Stacey to do all she can to help her mum.

Meanwhile, Rocky’s guilt gets the better of him as he listens to a hopeful Harvey talk about his future with Jean and he comes clean about what happened.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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