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Jean's worrying behaviour brings Sharon closer to Zack in EastEnders

But is Zack here to stay?

When Sharon and Kheerat agree to meet for a drink, Sharon, feeling daunted by her new venture, chastises Jean and Mo’s lacklustre cleaning work at the gym.

Outside, something is clearly up with Jean and she takes her frustrations out on a delivery van and as the driver gets out, Jean climbs out. As they threaten to call the police, Jean encourages them to do so before crashing the van!

Horrified, Mo tries her best to talk Jean round and Sharon - having kept Kheerat waiting for their sort-of date - tells the police to back off as she manages to talk Jean down. When Jean explains her fears for her family, Sharon opens up about her new found brother and Jean reminds her to cherish her family.

After Jean admits that she might have overstepped the mark, they hear a car pull up and as they step outside, Sharon's surprised to see Zack and tells him to leave. Not taking no for an answer, Zack buys Sharon breakfast and they're interrupted by Kheerat. As Sharon tries to make amends with Kheerat, Zack swipes her keys!

Later, Sharon finds Zack looking through her bedroom as Gavin has left them both something in his will. Together they bond as they swap stories and Sharon asks Zack to stay, but she’s gutted when he decides to leave.

Will Sharon ever see her brother again?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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