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Jenny plays matchmaker in Corrie

But is Daisy interested in Leo?

Jenny’s amused by Daisy’s outrage at Daniel turning her down for a date and thinking them ill-suited, Jenny pushes Daisy to serve Leo, a handsome bloke who enters the pub.

Jenny chats to Leo, hoping to get him interested in Daisy. And he reveals he’s working on the sinkhole at No.8, so will be around for a while.

When Leo later calls in the Rovers, convinced he’s got the hots for Daisy, Jenny urges her to chat to him and get to know him. To Daisy’s annoyance, Jenny invites Leo to join them in sampling some beers for a singles’ night she’s proposing to organise.

Leo joins Jenny and Daisy to sample some beers, but it’s clear that Daisy isn’t interested in him and making excuses, heads off to bed leaving Jenny frustrated.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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