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Jimmy doesn't know if he can forgive Nicola in Emmerdale after Carl's 'kidnap'

Will Juliette get what she wants?

As she secretly watched Nicola and Jimmy, Juliette approaches Carl to go with her. When Nicola realises that Carl is missing, he soon appears with Juliette who tells her she’ll involve a solicitor if she’s not given access.

Determined not to let her break up his family, Jimmy and Nicola agree to keep the situation a secret from Carl. But what they both fail to spot is that Carl has a note from Juliette with her contact number on.

The next morning, Carl has disappeared and Jimmy frantically phones the police, claiming the boy has been kidnapped. When PC Swirling arrives, they're all stunned to hear Angel confess that Carl is with Juliette.

When Juliette and Carl appear, Jimmy fumes and wants Swirling to arrest her, but after Juliette's calm explanation of the situation, PC Swirling leaves satisfied.

With Juliette wanting to meet with Nicola and talk woman to woman, Jimmy resolves to Nicola he won’t let Juliette mess with his family. Later, secretly calling Juliette, Nicola arranges to meet privately with her, aware of the enormity of what she’s doing behind Jimmy’s back.

The next day, their meeting is going well until they’re interrupted by Jimmy, who unexpectedly returns home from work. Fuming to find Juliette in the house, as soon as she leaves Jimmy tells Nicola that he won’t be able to forgive her if Juliette takes Carl from the family.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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